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A unique manufacturing process using the best materials from North American market.

Made for you, by us.


The different steps : 








1. Application of an N.P.G. iso gel-coat.
2. Projection of a 100% vinylster resin or Barrier Coat.
3. Simultaneous projection of a DCPD/fibreglass resin.
4. Stratification of the structure consisting of ISO resin and a roving/mat complex 
5. Laying stiffening supports (Urethane foam).
6. Simultaneous projection of an Orthophthalic/fibreglass resin.
7. Unmoulding, machining and quality control. 


The application of our products, be it the demolding agent, the gel coat, the vinylster resin and isophthalic Is done at a controlled temperature and hydrometry .
Strict quality control is established for each of our manufactured pools. 



To ensure the best hold in time, to have a brightness and a constant shining surface, we ensure quality control and traceability for each of our pools.

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