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All our pools ar equipped with high-end  materials coming from several manufacturer  like HAYWARD, CCEI, PENTAIR, WATERWAY.

Pool equipments.



Hayward Pump

This pool pump is very reliable and offers a high efficiency capacity.


  • The maximum debit system allows a better flow at a lower operating cost.

  • A strong, high-efficiency engine with air-flow ventilation for more discreet operation at a lower temperature.

  • The 155 cubic inch basket extends the interval between cleanings.

  • The single-support installation base provides stable, unconstrained support.

proseries_filtre_900x900-B (1).jpg

The Filters

Pro Series filters offer efficient flow, a fully balanced counter-current wash and a self-cleaning draining system for a best filtration value.

  • One of the most tolerant materials. 

  • Easy to clean. 

  • Economical filtration. 

  • Clear and clean water.

Pool Accessories

A kit composed of a bottom net, broom, thermometer, brush
and a chlorine-brome/liquid test kit.


The Options



Variable-Speed Heat Pumps

Hayward's variable-speed, high-efficiency and energy-efficient heat pump keeps your ideal water temperature quietly and economical with 50% more energy savings than traditional heat pumps. When Hayward's variable-speed heat pump activates, its speed gradually increases for a stable electrical current and lower energy consumption.

Caracteristics :

  • The Mitsubishi reverse compressor and the ultra-beautiful variable-speed ventilation system provide a very quiet swimming environment.

  • Designed to operate in low temperatures to prolong the swimming season.

  • Up to 10 times quieter than traditional heat pumps.



Salt & Swim ABG

The Salt & Swim ABG pool  salt chlorinator for 87 064 litres and less.

It is no longer necessary to carry buckets or heavy seals of chlorine! 
Allow Salt and Swim ABG to automatically disinfect your pool, while reducing chlorine costs by 50% or more. Choose Salt - Swim 3C for silky water that leaves soft skin and hair.


  • For pool that contains up to 87 064 litres.

  • Reduces your chlorine costs by 50% or more.

  • Automatic chlorination of your pool.

  • Protects your pool from unwanted algae.

  • Produces the equivalent of 70.3 kg of Trichlor (chlorine).

  • Ready for 120 v; all you have to do is plug it in.

  • No glue is needed for the pipes.



Mini-Brio Light

With the new generation of Mini-BRiO projectors, discover such a powerful and compact solution for lighting swimming pools. With an increased power of 50%, we offer many possibilities of pool lighting. Opt for a compact and design solution. In addition, the set is waterproof at the back of the crossing and provides security by avoiding the water from rising in the connection box.

Le Plug-in-Pool

The patented Plug-in-Pool process (No.1260746) works on the principle of wireless electric power transmission by induction (IPT Inductive Power Transfer). The coupling between the wall base and the plug prevents cables from passing through the pool wall.
What is induction?

Induction is the creation of a current from an electromagnet. This is nothing but copper wire powered by alternating current and wrapped around a metal bar. Around this coil appears a magnetic field. If a compatible metal ends up in this field, electrical currents (induced currents) appear in the metal piece. Induction is created. 

How is Plug-in-Pool made? 
Plug-in-Pool is composed with two distincts pieces. The waterproof base is housed in the pool wall and powered from the rear in 24V DC. The male plug is attached to the compatible device. The plug fits into the recessed base and attaches to it with a bayonet device, which is when the device is powered.

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