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Why customers should choose our products? 
Our fiberglass pools are distinguished by their simple and classic design, the highest quality of manufacturing at an affordable price. Comfort, well-being and true relaxation are more important to us than extravagance. 

What is causing the good quality of Okéanos fiberglass pools?

With over 35 years of experience manufacuring FiberGlass pools, Okeanos is equipped with state of the art technology and the highest quality materials assures a perfect pool every time.

Using unique insulated reinforcements on our pools, we can confidentaly say that our pools are the strongest on the market and are built to withstand the harshest températures, from freezing cold to blazing heat. Our pools are made by the application of reinforced resin layers and laminates based of fiberglass and finished with a resistant gel coat. It will also prevent the destructive effect of disinfectant products and to keep the pool clean. The homogeneous design ensures  100% waterproofing.

How long does it take to install our pool?
In average it take about a day. 
How does the filtration system work? 
An essential role is played by the skimmer which retains the majority of the dirt. Is role is to skim the surface water of your fiberglass pool and then route it towards the filter which recycles the grains
of sand by removing the smallest impurities. The perfectly clean and oxygenated water is finally returned by the discharge buses to the pool.
Does Okeanos pool offer a warranty?
Okéanos Pool offers a guarantee on the waterproofing of 50 years on the degressiveness of the entire fiberglass pool tub.

Can we use a salt disinfection system with an in-ground Okeanos fiberglass pool?
Yes, all salt electrolysis systems for chlorine production are compatible with our fiberglass pools.


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